GreenSpring Biotec Ltd. (New Zealand) is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on developing various natural biological agents by natural biological extraction technology and the use of natural plant ingredients. Our company is engaged in development, production and sales, products including all kinds of natural biological agents. These products are widely used in air sterilization, disinfection of dairy equipment, udder sterilization, home health supplies, the cleaning of public facilities and other fields. They are distributed to China and other countries in the world. The headquarters of (New Zealand) GreenSpring Biotec Ltd. and the biotechnology research & development center are established in Auckland. We also own a natural plant material planting base in Hamilton.

Company Mission: To build up a professional and outstanding enterprise and serve people with high-quality products with outstanding features. To improve human life by providing a healthy and fresh living environments in daily life.

  • Negative Pressure Circulation Purification Technology
  • Closed-type Internal Circulation Self-purification Technology
  • Frequency conversion plasma technology
  • Biological purification agents
  • Supercritical fluid extraction technology
  • Small molecule sesquiterpenoids extraction technology
  • Cow nipple disinfection technology
  • Light biocatalysis technology
  • Biological micro aerosol technology
  • Biological “chelating” purification technology