Biological Micro Aerosol Technology

Biological micro-aerosol technology

Micro-aerosol refers to suspended particles whose diameter is under 5 microns. The common phenomenon, wet clothes drying out in air comes down to the exosmosis of fiber pore, namely, it is the transpiration of micro aerosol. So we take advantage of this characteristic of micro aerosol, diffusing biological agents into the air through aerosol generator in form of micro aerosol with diameter under 5 microns that biological micro-aerosol is formed.



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GreenSpring Biotec Ltd. (New Zealand) is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on developing various natural biological agents by natural biological extraction technology and the use of natural plant ingredients.

  • Air Sterilization & Disinfection
  • Pet Cleaning/Health Care
  • Home Cleaning/Personal Health Care
  • Dairy Equipment Sterilization