Macromolecule Sesquiterpenoids Extraction

Macromolecule sesquiterpenoids extraction technology

With macromolecule sesquiterpenoids extraction technology, plant essence can be effectively obtained; a scientific and reasonable formula combination is made according to characteristics of pollutants in the air. It can decompose noxious substances floating in the air; additionally can eliminate viruses and bacteria causing diseases like flu, respiratory infection. It functions in sterilization and deodorization and keeping the air lastingly fresh. The tested purifying agents can eliminate more than 90% of noxious substances such as formaldehyde and benzene and 99.99% of bacteria.



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Our Product Range

GreenSpring Biotec Ltd. (New Zealand) is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on developing various natural biological agents by natural biological extraction technology and the use of natural plant ingredients.

  • Air Sterilization & Disinfection
  • Pet Cleaning/Health Care
  • Home Cleaning/Personal Health Care
  • Dairy Equipment Sterilization